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Mensagem original de: John ,


My surface pro 3 will not turn on


I have tried pushing the buttons for a hard reset , and it rarely turns on for a few seconds before shutting down instantly, or just not starting at all.  It has never been dropped and was rarely used - word, excel, and internet for school.

I refuse to pay $600 to invest in this piece of crap, so I am going to try to take it apart myself.

What hardware probably needs to be changed out if it will not turn on?

The battery? - The charger light is constantly on and does not seem to be the problem, but I am not certain.

The hard drive? - could this be causing the computer to shut down / not start up?

The whole issue started when I plugged my phone into the USB if that helps.  plugged in phone - computer went black and will not start up. 2.25 year old brick.

Thanks for your help.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3