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Mensagem original de: Alex ,


I'm following this thread... As my late 2011 MBP is the same! Here's my account of what I did:

My MacBook Pro late 2011 not-turn-on problem SOLVED:

''Unibody Battery Indicator Light Board connector was unplugged & re-plugged in immediately.''

My unibody laptop had these symptoms... But none of the solutions below here worked this time:

- battery would not charge

- magsafe was not working properly and not charging battery

- disconnect battery, hold power button for 5 seconds then connect with only magsafe and continue to hold power button for 10 seconds, did not work

- battery indicator light did not work

- SMC reset, PRam reset and fn-contro- command-power combo button press would not turn on MacBook

Hope this helps someone...

Update: the laptop did turn on a few times... But still not charging via the plugged in MacSafe charger. Once the battery reached about 30%, it shut off abruptly... Not shut down! Since then, it returned to square one. ..& would not turn on again