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I bought new JBL Xtreme and when I powered on first time it's battery indicator light was flashing red so I put it on charging and within 15 minutes it reached to 4th blinking light then after half an hour 5th started blinking then after 15 minutes again it came back to 4th and then never gone to 5th or fully charged. So now after 5 hours of charge waiting I connected to me phone wia Bluetooth and at full volume it played for 2 hours maximum. Surprise! They claimed for 15 hours play time but what's wrong, it's ok play time varies on volume but at least it should b able to run for 5 to 7 hours because they claime it's battery is 10000 MAH. I also upgraded the firmware but no luck.  So finally I understood there is something wrong with battery. So I decided to open and check whether it has original battery, ao opened myself and saw battery looks original and not physically swollen or damaged. When I checked it's voltages for 2S are ok but for each cell it should be half of the totall 2 series cells. But it was not showing any voltages for each cell after BMS. Now I thought it's BMS board is faulty. So I had 18650 batteries and 2S Battery management system chips. So I decided to prepare one new battery from these 18650 cells, sort, prepared 2s battery which was not fitting in battery compartment. Then again prepared 8 cells battery and put beneath the radiators 4 pieces each side. Powered on and Palyed well at full volume and 75% upto 8 to 10 hrs. But story not finished yet. So before it shuts down itself I plugged in at charging when red light was blinking afte a night charge at morning only one white light is blinking and when plugged out charger it is red again, means not charging my assembled battery