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Just had my furnace cleaned, no wires touched, just regular maintenance, and after the technician left, the Nest Gen 2 registered a 10 degree higher ambient temperature than it actually is. After an hour chatting with a Nest technician, they offered me a 20% coupon as well.  After some troubleshooting on my own, I disconnected the Yellow wire (air) on the base motherboard (to the Y port) and after a few minutes the temperature started dropping.  I called back the HVAC technician who remarkably came back out to check if there was anything he could have done to cause it, but all the wires in the furnace were properly going to the right terminals there, matching the thermostat's wiring. The ONLY difference being that before the technician came, the humidifier was not working properly and now it is, but the wiring was not changed.  The two white wires and the yellow wire (fan, humidifier and air) are all attached to the C terminal. Maybe there's a possibility that the humidifier actually working now is causing the issue, but it seems doubtful. I'm planning on keeping the yellow wire disconnected for now and shopping around for a new thermostat. Any suggestions? I can't afford to buy a new Nest every few years, and since they won't sell me just the motherboard, that seems like the only option.