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Troubleshoot this by typing with an external USB keyboard to see if the problem goes away.  If it still happens, then try reloading Windows.

If the problem goes away with an external keyboard, then consider operator error.  Undesired cursor movement could be caused by inadvertently touching the trackpad while you are typing, with your fingers or the heels of your hands.

If you are sure operator error isn't the problem, then a bad connection in the trackpad could be causing the problem.  Troubleshoot this by opening the laptop and disconnecting the trackpad ribbon cable.  Test to see if the problem goes away.

If I recall correctly, the trackpad ribbon cable can be tricky to reattach if you go from the bottom (I had this problem with one of my Toshiba laptops).  If this is the case, do some obvious disassembly and you will easily be able to reattach it by working from the top.