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Mensagem original de: Fariz ,


Why my HTC One M9 gps didn't work / not locking to any satellites


So i just bought used HTC One M9,on

The seller said that the HTC One M9 is used and its an international ex,

while my region is indonesia.

Everything on the phone is right, but when i use navigation app like waze and google maps its went wrong. the gps is keep on searching and give me approximate location.

theres 3 option on gps, the high accuracy, battery saving, and device only.

when i use the high accuracy / battery saving, its give me my location but still an approximate location.

and when i use device only or gps only its not showing my location at all.

i have test the gps using app gpstest and anything same like that from play store

it shows that my device see the satellite but not locking from any satellite and the signal all red or poor.

i have done pressing the agps button to download and reset, still no change.

anyone can help me?

my device is totaly stock, not rooted or flash. i don't understand either what is rooted and flash or something like custom rom.

thank you guys


HTC One M9