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Mensagem original de: Mike Abba ,


I'm having trouble with mine at the moment and it's a new copy of fifa18 it won't read properly. Exactly what happened with fifa17 last year, coincidence or not? I exchanged fifa17 for a different copy and the 2nd worked fine, I intend to swap fifa18 for a new copy unless I can get help here.

I've initialised the system twice, once partial and the other the full reboot that takes hours, still no success and I'm not pleased truth be told. Bought it 3 years ago, not sure what model it is but it's 3 yo. I have neglected it in truth, hardly gets used and has never been cleaned properly, the vents must be full of crap, could this be a reason for the malfunction? I'm not brave enough to start taking it to pieces

Any advice on how to solve this sh*t?

Thanks, Mike