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Mensagem original de: Michael ,


Although I can't be certain, it sounds to me like the Charging port if both issues are related. The common link between charging and Searching is the Port due to it being responsible for charging your phone and having the Antenna for service on it....if that does not fix it, it sounds like a Tristar (U2) IC chip needs replaced to fix the charging issue. It is not a DIY repair as it requires removing the logic board, a metal shield covering the IC and Microsoldering. But a very common issue with the 6 models mainly due to using a non original Apple charger even though I have seen and heard it happening when customers claim to only use Apple Certified (Authorized) chargers.

Besides the Charging issue, is your Iphone recognized by Itunes when you attach it to your computer?

If your shop does not do Microsoldering repairs, I would try to find a Reputable local shop that does...and if you can't find a local shop that does this repair, search through some of the Pros here and most offer a mail in service...even not charging if it can't be repaired but pretty certain yours is.

The Searching issue however sounds like a separate issue and could have to have further troubleshooting to determine what that is.