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Hello nicksmacandpchelp!

I just did a little research for you on the matter, and it doesn't really seem like the i7 2.8GHz logic board for the 17-Inch MacBook Pro you own is really available right now. Even if it was, it would probably cost you about $800 which, unless you can afford it, is kinda steep. Naturally, you could make some of the money back by selling your own logic board afterwards, but it probably wouldn't cover all of the cost.

Bear in mind that you'll also need the right tools to replace the logic board. For this particular procedure, you'd definitely need a [product|IF145-002|Spudger], and a [product|IF145-006|#00 Phillips Screwdriver].

Naturally, you'll need to reference the [guide|3447|MacBook Pro 17-inch Unibody Logic Board Replacement Guide] in order to successfully do the replacement. This guide lists all of the necessary tools at the top as well.

At the end of it all, however, you've gotta ask yourself: is the additional 0.14GHz worth it? I understand the desire to upgrade, but it's probably not worth the risk, the expense, or the time. Your MacBook Pro is about three times better than mine, and mine will do everything you want yours to do (Final Cut and whatnot). So, really I'd just stick with what you've got. Not to mention, when you trade out the logic board, the serial number lasered into the bottom will no longer match that of the logic board, which would make Apple skeptical if you even had to take it to the Genius bar.

To sum it all up, I'd say no. It's definitely not worth it. But props to you for being willing to do it! :) Take care!