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Mine is a 2008 Chevy Colorado.

People this is happening with many models of Chevy and even Hummers. It is that Passlock needs to be relearned. Key turned on then try to start but don't let it, just crank it. Turn off for 5 seconds then Leave in ON position for 10 min, crank it but not start it...then off for 5 seconds, then do the 10 minutes in ON position again then off...crank it...off for 5 seconds and ON position again for 10 min then off, then crank it and off for 5 seconds then ON for 10 minutes then off. Wait for lights to clear then START  ( WATCH YOU TUBE VIDEOS)


A little over 30 minutes and this relearns the PASSLOCK.

Watch Youtube on these techniques. Again this is happening with Impala, HHR, Colorado, Canyons, and a few others.

The other option is to turn the PASSLOCK off. Use the radio to do this. Key  on, press volume till readout  says SETTINGS then scroll to the Security to toggle off  by pressing reset ( watch YOUTUBE). I personally see no sense of having no security system so try the RELEARN method.

Other thing is that the Ignition Switch has a Sensor on it and the wire clip comes loose. You can replace or try to wedge something in there to keep it from moving around.

Also, there is a YouTube where the guy opens driver door, puts key in, car beeps the key chime fast, then turns the key to ON position and the Chime slows and the lights go off on Dash....then start the car.

Works every time he says.