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I was able to fix this problem when it happened to my 1988 Toyota Custom Cab - 3VZ-E V-6 engine - standard transmission - no cruise control. If you have access to the 1988 Toyota Electrical Wiring Diagram manual, you can find the circuit that's giving you the problem on page 28 (TCCS section 6-1).  You start at a 15 amp fuse (15A STOP) that feeds the STOP brake light switch (brake switch). You go through the switch, to connector N5 terminals 4 & 5 (you can check your brake switch function here - 8-14 volts when the brake is applied). You go through N5 and end up at the TCCS  ECU module (Toyota Control Computer System - Engine Control Unit) terminal STP-6 under the dash on the passenger side.

This STOP brake light switch wire is not the one that activates your brake lights - it feeds a signal to the TCCS  that tells the (AUTOMATIC) transmission to reset to idle and prep to go into 1st gear. I have a MANUAL transmission - and every stop light I came to, sitting there with my brakes on, would rev the engine up so high that everyone was wondering what the idiot in the Toyota Truck was doing. I talked to a Toyota Engineer and told him I was going to clip & tape the wire going to terminal STP-6. After looking through the prints with me, he said - since it was a MANUAL transmission - it looked like it would work. I clipped & taped it - the problem went away and I still drive my 1988 Toyota Custom Cab happily every day.