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Strange....maybe you have some ghosts that don't like the vacuum?

== A couple troubleshooting steps that might help isolate the issue: ==

- are you certain your UPS is working fine? May try unplugging it to first make sure it's able to sustain the devices. Then you could try running the vacuum then the machines are on battery only. This would at least help you determine if the issue is related to the power.

== Now for the "shot in the dark" ideas: ==

- If it's still doing it, I'm taking a shot in the dark by guessing there's maybe some shielding problem somewhere. May see if you can borrow someone else's vacuum to see if it does it. Does the vacuum wire every cross or get close to any of the KVM wires?

- If it does it with a loaner vacuum, and it does it when the KVM is on battery backup....I'm guessing it's some shielding issue with the KVM and won't really be resolved unless you get a KVM.