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I'm assuming you have the M.2 version of a ssd and not the sata 3 version. Go for the 960 Pro from Samsung and if that is too expensive, Crucial makes some afforable m.2 drives. For ram, Crucial has its ranging from 4GB to 32GB so pick any from their lineup, just make sure it's DDR4 and having a higher DRAM clock rate like 2400 or higher doesn't hurt.

Here is my suggestion, you have quite a system already so why don't you just repaste your computer. Repasting on the 9560 is actually very easy, here is a link:


Grabbing thermal compound like the Noctua nth1 is great for this system. Artic Silver 5 is getting old and Noctua makes a better paste. you can also grab better thermal pads and altogether, it's going to be less than $20. Don't forget to undervolt your cpu since it's being fed too much voltage anyways. Undervolting can lower heat, cause the fans to spin less often and slower so it's not as loud and it'll prolong the lifespan of your computer.