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Until point 6 everything works exactly the same for me. What happens when you shut down and power on again? Do you not have any other issues?

The new installed battery was promt recognized and my Macbook runs fine till it was fully charged and later than on battery power itself until I shut it down yesterday with 70%... Today I tried to power up and nothing happens. Even with Magsafe plugged in - no beep, no fan - nothing. Just the Magsafe-LED and the battery-indicator show normal behaviour and battery seems charging 7-8 blinking dots.

Tried all the SMC procedure over and over again and nothing. Just removing the battery or unplug the connector from the logicboard finally effect such as a reset. Now it was possible to power on the machine with Magsafe plugged in only, SMC reset and start all over again three times now and get the same issue after that.

So Coconut has revealed that battery condition was good, loadcycles 2, even charge displayed correct and everything looks fine, except for the age. In fact a bit high - manufacture date was 2014-12-16 - thought possibly deeply discharged, but then it would not charge at all...

I start replacing the batteries in two different 15" MBP. The battery model is A1382 for i7 2011 and A1321 for i5 2010 Macbook. I decided to buy some 3rd party replacements on ebay for 30 € each (manufactured by FLOUREON - I had already made good experiences some years before...). Apple's original ones start used at 90 € - no thanks.

It just seems the battery have to be "trained in", but why such mysterious error with the calibration procedure???  Any idea or helpful workaround for that ?