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Few months ago, when my WNDR3700v2 started to reset I was already trying to check wall outlets, the power cables, the AC-DC adapters.

Two weeks ago finally my router summoned on itself a 99-class brick spell. Then, I put my hands on it to open and to look up for bad capacitors or burnt circuits. And "nothing"!

Then I was trying with my tester and it seemed that some pimp component wasn't allowing the voltage regulators to spit out the +3.3Vcc's.

Three days after, I finally tap with the hands some inductors and the power switch, then my brick started to turn some yellow lights on, back again.

Then I got myself sure the power switch was the problem. It was difficult to de-solder it out from the PCB. Anyways, I changed the power switch for a stronger one, and did a hard factory reset on it.


The brick became back to act as a good, nice, male and viril WNDR3700v2 again.

And everyone lived happy forever...

Check the pics of the old switch I had to destroy in order to take it out. The small contacts of the switch are too oxided.

PS: Yes, that is really a quite fresh coffee stain on the table. But the good point are the green LED lit on the bottom of the image.