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Mensagem original de: Dan ,


@d7om2008 - I agree with @reecee here you need to fully clean the logic board of the spilled tea as the acids in the tea will corrode things making a bigger mess!

@maximc - You're in a bit of a pickle here! Sugary drinks spilled into the keyboard leave a tacky mess! While a small spill caught quickly can be dealt with, leaving it stew makes a bigger mess and a large spill can get all the way into the logic board messing it up! Again, Sprite also has acids in it which over time will corrode so it to needs to be properly cleaned.

But, here you may end up needing to replace the keyboard assembly as its too difficult to clean.

As to Rice & Silca Gel forget them! They don't work with spills! This is an urban legend, it has no truth behind it. What they do help is remove condensing moisture within the air.