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I had this same problem with my phone I fell in the pool with it in my pocket and I pulled it out right as it hit the water and the shut down button was the only thing wrong with it, if you happen to see this before you drop your phone in the water just take of the case, take out the SIM card and put it in a warm place, but if not this is what I did, I took my iPhone 6s and took out the screw on the bottom of the phone with a tiny screwdriver and then took out the SIM card and took out the screen just a little bit it is really hard to take it off without the right tools so I used a pin to dig under the screen and the pull it out a little bit and then I set the phone under a heat lamp overnight with the side that is partly taken off pointing up towards the heat lamp after this process I woke up and my phone was back to normal, hope this helped