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Replaced screen after nasty fall, now it won't turn on.


Okay, so I dropped my phone, screen cracked, whatever. Easy fix, right? Apparently not. See, what I ended up doing was buying another damaged G stylo, but with an unaffected screen. I then removed the back, removed the motherboard, swapped my motherboard in, and reassembled the phone. I tested the new phone by booting it up and everything worked perfectly fine, but after swapping my motherboard into it, during boot there is no boot music (cricket) and the backlight will come on, but the screen isn't receptive to touch, and never turns on past the backlight.

Interesting thing is, just for shiggles, I plugged the old motherboard into my broken screen, and it lit up just as I thought it would, but when brought back to the functional screen (the one it was bought with) it behaved the same way as my motherboard. This motherboard worked perfectly fine with it's factory screen before I plugged it into my broken one, and afterword didn't want to work. Both boards interact with the broken screen in the same fashion; The screen lights up during boot, screen goes dim after boot, screen will turn on and off as you sleep and wake it up. But now both boards interact with the functional screen the same way; backlight turns on during boot, no boot music, after boot screen will not turn on at all, but occasionally backlight will if you sleep it and wake it up.

I have no idea what's going on here, and I think it's really interesting that the new logic board behaves the same way as mine, but only ''AFTER'' I plugged it into my broken screen. If any of you guys have any ideas or know what's going on, I'd love to hear your take on the issue and some possible solutions.


LG G Stylo