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To start with your system is not running overly hot here. What maybe confusing you is your system was running before you upgraded was cooler!

Lets backup here a bit...

When you install a fresh copy of OS on a clean drive and then install your apps & data from a backup the OS needs to do some background tasks.

The biggest one is indexing all of your files so the search tools are able to work. This is by far the biggest process which will heat up your system for a while. There are other processes depending on your systems configuration and the Apps you are running.

Lastly, the size of the drive maybe too small! This is a common issue when upgrading to SSD's as the amount of free space they need to run efficiently is a 1/3 for the smaller drives (256 GB and less) or 1/4 with the larger drives. If you're on the tight side you may want to do some house cleaning. I mostly see this with the older HD based systems are upgraded.