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Try unplugging everything but the battery and fan, when you plug the charger in, does it boot up straight away? If so, see if it runs at normal speed (plugging in what is required).

To get into SMC bypass you have to hold the power button, plug the charger in, then let go and press the power button again, if I remember correctly (haven't done this in a while, but pretty sure just holding this button will not boot into this mode.

Having to hold the keyboard power button to turn it on can indicate a bad keyboard, where the voltage is not dropping enough when you just press the power button quickly. Check WS_KBD_ONOFF_L whilst pressing the power button, if it is not dropping under 2V-2.5V, I would recommend trying a known working keyboard to check this out.

Download ASD for your particular model and run a test on it, it will point out any sensor issues, if there is a problem with the logic board.