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Unfortunately more of the same here. My situation is:

* MBP Mid-2009
* replaced busted HDD with a compatible one for that model ( hitachi travelstar 7k1000 1tb 2.5" sata 600 7200rpm)
* made a bootable USB with Yosemite, since Sierra does not work on this old model
* runned the USB and got till disk utility. I can see the new hdd, but no vulume. Its says it is unformatted.
* tried to make a simple partition but it gives that "Partition fail with an error: wiping volume data to prevent future accidental probing failed.

I also pulled out the new HDD and put it on a SATA case, and connected it to another MBP to partition it there. But the new hdd disk wouuld not mount, or was findable at DU.

Any help would be much appreciated!