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Don't listen to these guys. The Advance rules those other handhelds.

Here is a link to somebody's guide to backlighting it. It's a little vague as there are no pictures and there is no mention of the shiny stuff behind the screen.

You will also want to get a special tri-wing or 'Y' type screwdriver if you don't already have one. they are pretty cheap on ebay and other websites, just Google for 'GBA screwdriver' or something.

I haven't backlit mine yet and I am waiting for my screwdriver so I can open the thing, so I am not sure exactly what to do yet. There is a lot of talk on the internet saying it can't be done, but I think it's just hearsay, as nobody seems to be able to explain exactly why.

I think you can also get a backlit SP, take it's screen out and install it into the GBA, but I am not sure.

If I succeed, I will definately make an instructable and put a comment here.