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I'd boot from restore media and see if the drives appear in Disk Utility.  Sometimes the OS gets corrupted, and the drive simply isn't visible because it's no longer considered bootable.

Try using a Firewire cable and target mode to boot from the drive of a working machine, or better yet, put your drives in an external Firewire enclosure and boot from them externally.

Also, the small hard drive cables in these machines are fragile and tend to go bad after the stress related to removal/application.  You may just need another.  Considering you're seeing the same result on both machines, and the hard drive cable is the common element, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of that.  I'd verify you can boot via Firewire to an external device (in order to rule out a bad logic board), and then order another hard drive cable on eBay for $10.