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It looks like you have pulled the rest of the pads off for the backlight driver. If it is not turning on, you may have shorted a main voltage line to ground by scraping the pads too much (don't work on phones now, but check input voltage for the IC). There is also a diode missing under the IC now, but I assume this is related to the backlight circuit and not a main voltage line?

Do the above first, if it gets the phone working ultrasonic it to clean any corrosion and flux off the board.  Then make a decision whether you want to put more time into this or not.

If you can recover the majority of pads using a solder iron and light scraping, put a new chip on and run wires for the missing pads. If not, you can try securing the new driver upside down on the board, and run wires to the balls under the chip, if you want to have a fun project :)