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Mensagem original de: Andrew Bennett ,


Searching for service HELP



Alright so I have a 64 GB iPhone 6 Verizon. I have tried EVERYTHING i have seen on here to where I know it is a hardware issue.

Now when I do *#06# the IMEI DOESN'T show up.

Keep in mind my wifi and bluetooth work so its not an issue at the top.

I am aware that the antenna is at the bottom of the battery, my question is that if the IMEI doesn't show up when i request it on dial-pad then is it definitely the baseband issue or could it still be the cellular antenna.

It also isn't the sim reader because when I don't have the sim in it will read NO SIM so the sim port seems to be okay because then when I put the SIM in it goes to SEARCHING

please help


iPhone 6