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I broke my surface after only a week of use, luckily I got the ifixit repair kit for Christmas!

Got my replacement off of . With one day shipping (From CA to MA), it came out to ~$196.

Would recommend picking up some adhesive, because it doesn't come with it.  I was in a rush so I went and picked up "Glue Dots", the "Mini Dot" variant. These worked quite well as they were very thin (~ 5mm). Was able to put them all around the inside of my surface, packed extremely tight. These in addition to a case (I have the Urban Armor Gear case) my screen holds up just fine as the edges of the case grasp the edges of the screen.

Extra info not provided about replacing screens, these screens generally do NOT come with the N-Trig board attached. ( Ntrig board picture . You can just remove it in a similar manner to the screen and adhesive it!