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Ok guys, this just happen to me today!!! Same issues,,, the only thing I noticed was that on the wires from the screen ,, there is a thin wire that it doesn't connect to anything,, as the others,, but I didn't see when I opened the new one that at the tip , it didn't have tape/or protection, basically it was naked!!! With 3 pin that was making contact to the metal with a screw on the button of it,,, so I just looked at the old one,, then I pulled the same tape from the tip and put it on the new one,,,

Even though I said yes!!"" That's gonna be the problem,, still nothing worked until,,,,,

Here is the trick.  Press the power button with the main button at the same time until it powers off,,,,

Then repeat the two buttons secuence again  for 5 seconds,, and bualaaaaa!!!! It works like a champ!!!