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Hi @kristianlange !

First I just wanted to compliment how detailed your post is. This is a lot of background information that shops like mine love to get because it makes a successful outcome so much easier!

Now, with that being said, I can tell you that Jessa and the folks at iPad Rehab are simply some of the best in the industry - they pretty much set the standard and offer courses on board level repair. I do not work for them, nor am I affiliated with them, but I have attended their school. It sounds like you have done, or had done on your behalf, all of the assembly based swaps that make sense.

When we are diagnosing issues such as your phone is having, we have to go with "the usual suspects" for the given set of symptoms, of course. A symptom set and background such as your device has just doesn't point to a particular problem that has been encountered and resolved often enough to produce a "likely culprit" for he device.

As a point of clarification can you provide the following information:

1. When you have performed the "update" method, did you get a "connect to iTunes" image/message?

2. Are you 100% certain that ONLY MFi certified cables have been used on the device?