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When your Macbook hangs at startup.It could indicate a hardware or software related issue.

Hard ware issue can be detected by running disk utility.If your hard drive is falling, You should immoderately attempt to back up all the information on your computer on prevent losing valuable business data such as contacts ,Email ,Projects and invoices .Then take your Macbook to an Apple store or repair shop to install a new hard drive .If the problem software related ,you can get your Macbook up and running again with a few troubleshooting steps .

> Safe Boot

>  Disk Utility

> Single-User Mode

>  Recovery Console

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=>   Use disk utility to check the status of your hard disk and make sure that you do not have a failing hard drive.

Shutdown your computer ; restart and then hold down the "Command -R" keys untill you see the OS X Recovery utility screen .

Select the "Disk Utility" option and select the "First Aid" tab