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"The laptop powers on fine now, it just runs very slowly and will not allow a reinstall of the OS, nor any other fix when booted from the drive. what I get then is an apple logo, then a blue screen then a dark gray screen and spinning wheel. I don't know what's wrong now."

So, is it the original, problem drive that's in there when you say this?

Put your second Mac in target mode and boot this one off it. Then download SMART Utility and run it to see if this drive has anything wrong with it (I know it worked in the other computer, but it's worthwhile making sure the drive is truly OK.)

Depending on what your time is worth, you might just buy a new drive for this. I've begun thinking of hard drives like light bulbs. They'll burn out (typically 3-5 years) eventually and need replacing. Just another consumable, which is a really good argument for good backups.

If the data needs recovering, maybe you can get it off with Target Mode first, or pop it into an external enclosure or using a universal drive adapter.