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Mensagem original de: Jim ,


Here is the ebay link where you can get the port.  Obviously, you need to be very careful taking this thing apart.  But it is possible to replace only this port.  It looks like quite a challenge to change the whole motherboard.  There is a separate 5 or 6 pin connector for the battery that has very fragile solder joints.  So use very little force if you're going to inspect those.  I would recommend looking at them with a magnifyer rather than applying any amount of force.  Also, when you replace the charging port, there are holes in the board for the physical mounts, but not "through hole" contacts.  The contacts on the bottom of the port just sit on top of pads, so you need to make sure you have good contact with them.  I suppose it's possible to solder them with the right equipment, but I could not.  I hope this helps.