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Have an issue on this platform that is driving me crazy as I just bought a new motherboard to restore an older Dell Inspiron that is still a great spec but I know I can make it better for cheap.

My LGA775 starts with no POST error beeps but there is a red led just before the PICe x16 slot lit constantly on a refurbished Intel DP45CB mobo, I can't find an answer to what that means online or in the manual.

Anyways, I'm unable to check anything in POST or get to the BIOS as I am getting no video from either of the DVI ports (DVI-I or DVI-D), straight or using a conversion adapter to VGA, DP, or HDMI. Also installed a video card, 2 actually (AMD & NVidia separately). I wanted to put the NVidia card in this build but I can't get any display output. Both cards tested and working so this makes no sense.

* Converted a Dell i530 OEM to an Intel DP45CB
* Intel Core 2 Quad x64 2.4GHz CPU
* Intel Stock Cooler, Corsair H60 or the Dell stock *

*      tried all 3, none made a difference

* Crucial 8GB DDR2 800MHz DRAM
* Dell Stock LiteOn 350w PSU or ThermalTake 750w PSU*

*      tried both even though I knew the 750 wasn't the problem as I tested it and it's double the power of the Dell LiteOn original.

Anybody have any thoughts?

I am cataloging this build to post to YouTube but will also make a guide for here. Just need some feedback. Trying several places for help and happened to open iFixIt and saw all the new categories, figuring it can't hurt to put it out there...

Thanks in advance to whoever can help or has any input.