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Samsung Galaxy Pro-Tab 12.2 will not charge:

a.)  My first thought was to replace both: charger and power cord.

Both charger and power cord: can be connected and re-connected many times within a span of 24 hours. Over a period of months, wear occurs due to this process. A spare cord and charger, is not a bad thing to keep on hand.

b.)  In that the cord and charger didn't solve the problem, the logical solution would be: replace the  battery charging port. Repeat connection of the power cord to the charging port, results in wear over a period of time. I noticed the wear, in that the power cord did not grip the port as it once did.

For those that choose to replace the battery: care in connecting the battery plug to the tablet is crucial, in that the blades witch connect the plug to the tablet, are quite fragile. In one particular you-tube battery replacement video, the tech pointed out that the plug was damaged, and the tablet needed to be returned to Samsung for service. Factory service tends to be a bit expensive.

With the exception of this failure within the first sixteen months, I have had no other complaints with this tablet.

By - Paul Anderson Ed.D.