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Mensagem original de: Pete Green ,


Just noticed your question on the video cable.I have a similar problem.

On my nano the video cable plug (which is on the end of the cable and part of the print), is damaged by electrolysis.(water damage) One of the pieces of track is missing.I have been able to get hold of some conductive silver paint(ebay).Hoping to be able to paint this on with a toothpick then scratch out the required bits with an engraver made from a sewing needle.(I have a watchmakers pin chuck for this purpose)

In your case,you could try carefully overlapping the cable like splicing a piece of recording tape. Cable is not too short so a small overlap should not be a problem.Use superglue for the overlap and align accurately under a high power magnifier.Not sure but you may have to rub away the layer of varnish from the cable - to expose the bare metal.Paint on a small stripe of silver across all the tracks.When dry, carefully scratch out the spaces between the tracks and lacquer over.This is only a theory but worth looking at.