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This a technical assistance for Lenovo technicians  I had the same error with the t410s i5 but I managed to bypass it u will have to go in steps

1 open the machine

2 get any compatible face in volume

3 if it's a 4 or 3 terminal fan it will have the following 2 pair of wires will be for dc supply 5v,or 0.5A the rest of the remaining wires will be for the sensor

4 u will have to locate for 5v low current on the laptop board and the easiest place is the 1st right is terminal to ground

5 solder the dc pair wires on to point have told u

6 u are good to go enter bios by placing f2 go to usb always on disable it option

7 save and restart is will show fan error BUT place ESCAPE the machine will boot and work at max performance

8 visit my fbpage boy technologies for any questions and queries