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Yes it can be resealed and still be  ipx68  (water dust resistant.

You must use the right tools when disassembling and during reassembly.

Use heat gun or hot air station to heat the back glass just to when you can't touch it using playing cards and thin metal pry tool slowly break adhesive seal.

Remove battery

When re assembling the phone be sure to use a water resistant adhesive.

3M makes adhesive and tapes that can reseal back

The biggest thing is heat back glass and and adhesive slightly prior to install then place paper or something over back to protect it then set something heavy on it I used wood clamps with adaptors to keep tight equal pressure on entire back  let it sit like that for 2 hours and it will be resealed against dust and water.

A little more extensive and cost more but but just sticking back back on using old adhesive will not reseal correctly