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i had that same problem just a couple of hours ago, but i got rid of this, but my case was a bit different, the problem started after blewing out the air into the left side of the laptop, everything was working fine before blewing out the air into the air ventiliation, i did this because i never opened any case before that's why i dropped the idea of opening it and considered to keep it as simple as possible, when i blew the air a lot of dust came out, then started again and got this fatal error, not actually a fatal error because i was already running on 6% battery so plugged in and restarted and the problem gone, but indeed i would prefer blowing out the air instead of opening the case and cleaning everything if you don't have any experience about such things. specially for those like me who freaks out imidiately. so final answer, take a breath as long as possible and then blow it to the air ventiliation, but be aware of the dust which might come right after doing this.