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Can I replace the “irreplaceable” LEDs on this Philips lamp?


Hello everyone,

I just bought the Philips my Living Spot light: Balla matt chrome LED. I replaced most of my home's lamps with LEDs. This Philips one seems like a good replacement for the light in the dining room.

However, when unboxing the spot light, I noticed that I cannot replace the LEDs.

Is there still a way, though? I do get 5 years of warranty, but—obviously—it would be nice to be able to replace the LEDs when they don't work after that period.

The only information I can find of the LEDs (see PDF document) is that each one uses 4 Watts, the total lumen output is 990 lm and it is an equivalent to a traditional bulb of 29 Watt (but it is unclear if that means for each LED bulb or for all three).





Philips myLiving Balla Trio Spot Light