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Mensagem original de: Maks rakowski ,


Hi, I also have this problem, it seems to be a fault with the driver Bose have used, what might work as a temporary fix is to put something like a piece of paper between the black plastic housing and the clear plastic of the driver itself, at the point where the copper wire seperates from the coil to the edge of the driver, it seems putting pressure at this point makes maybe a burned wire make contact. To remove the speaker I took out the two screws holding the second cover in place and then used a hair dryer to heat up the glue holding it in place. I then pryed the black plastic cover off ( if you get a little piece of the glue with a tiny screwdriver you can pull the stringy glue out from all the way around), I did this for the driver underneath aswell. After that I just desoldered the driver and got a replacement off eBay. Hope this helps