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Mensagem original de: Vegeta Barrett ,


As an experienced iPhone technician I can indeed confirm that yes Iphone 5s (1560mah) fits in and is compatible with an iPhone 5c (1500mah).Also I will confirm that it increases the battery life of an iPhone 5c when you install an iPhone 5s battery into the 5c.Its actually a common practice for me.Its absolutely safe do not worry.In fact I clicked on this topic to clear up this matter as I just swapped another 1560mah battery into a 5c lastnight and I wish I had the time and knew how to upload pictures of battery testing to prove it for those who are so worried about the matter,but instead I will briefly explain a few notes.

The iPhone 5c I acuired recently had a slightly worn battery so I ran a battery test and the results showed that at 221 charge cycles the iPhone 5c was no longer a 1500 mah but was now just 1354 mah thats roughly 10% weaker than a new battery.So I installed a brand new 1560mah (5s)  battery and ran a battery test and my battery life in my new 5c was exceptional at 1 charge cycle the new battery was exactly 1560mah! Which is 60mah better than a brand new 5c and 204mah better than the used 5c battery that I just replaced.So yes guys and girls it's perfectly safe to interchange a battery from a 5s to a 5c and vice versa.