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Found this problem and already fixed it! my computer is Macbook pro retina 15" mid 2012. i bought new one from my local shop and it cannot open without plug magsafe. the battery status say "not charging" use power adaptor as source. even magsafe light is orange. also say "replace now"

Cause of this problem is the new battery have no remain charge and it absolutely 0% . I done many things in this post and other. (reset smc, pram , everything) and it useless.

So i shutdown. replace battery with original one (The one that come with your computer) then  Boot it, plug magsafe (power adaptor). and check battery status, it should say "charging". Then shutdown , remove magsafe, remove original battery and replace it with new one. Then plug magsafe adaptor without try to press power button. you should plug magsafe first and only! and your computer will automatically boot. Finally, with some luck. the  battery status will say "charging" maybe it also say "replace now". Don't worry, Let it charge like 10 minute and shutdown , Start it again. Your battery should say it have normal condition and everything should work fine.

Thank you for this post and all you guys, hope you all can fix this problem with the way i can too :)

ps. sorry for my bad english.