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Mensagem original de: Peter Hicks ,


Peugeot/Renault/Citroen are all part of the same group they all share common parts and systems a common problem with these cars is the bulkhead water drains that block up causing water to run over fuse/relay units and any cables in the floor area ,depending on your skill sets ,you need to take off the scuttle panels to access the water drains clean them out and then cut off the flaps they put on them because its them that cause the trouble in the first place .

Go under the seats and check the cables and the connections ,check the fuse/relay boxes to see it if they have /had corrosion caused by condensation /water if there is corrosion you will have to clean up every terminal /connection  when you have done that buy a can of silicone spray  from tool station and spray every connector /relay in sight ,also do a continuity check on all and any earth leads these cars are prone to earth problems causing computer probpems!

Regards a Renault owner !