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Since you have a hard disk (not an SSD or a hybrid) in your Mac, I would consider getting another hard disk, simply because you can get a 1.0 TB disk pretty cheap and it will have more capacity than your current one.

As you see in the guides, it's actually pretty simple to replace the hard disk:

# open the case
# unscrew two screws to release the hard disk
# carefully remove disk and then detach cable
# transfer four screws from disk to new disk
# re-attach cable, re-fit hard disk into its space
# replace bracket
# close case


From another computer, you can also download the OS Install from the App Store and then copy it to a USB (8 GB or more). Then you can plug it, turn on the Mac, and install.

I've done this hundred's of times, it takes about 10 minutes to replace the disk, 30 minutes to install the OS.

Good luck!