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My iMac 27 Intel Core i7 OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Prosessor 3.4 with 2 HD discs keeps restarting everytime I turn it on. Sometimes it doesn't get to the desktop before restarting, other times it restarts while I use it.

When it restarts, it randomly shuts off and then boots again, sometimes over and over. But it doesn't restart when using disk utility program. It just began after test & video card replacement at Apple store service ("Gatortech" in Gainsville, Fl.) The guy replaced video card and asked me to replace power inverter. I didn't get it why and what for, until I got home and turn on iMac. Have tried everything: diagnostic hardware, reinstall OS to the initial, uncheck "Automatic restart..." , recovery both HDs, Mount & Unmount  HD, even reformat drives making partitions - the problem exist. Any meaningful advice would be appreciated. Thanks