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Hi @ All! Thank you for your great research!

I´ve got a mbp 13 mid 2009 with that .... nvidia chipset and controller. For Testing i put in a lowend sandisk ssd 128 last summer (which controller inside is nowhere to find - sandisk´s own?). In yosemite it showed 1,5 GBit firstly, after enabling trim for Non-apple ssds since yosemite 10105 it got it´s correct 3,0 Gbit fine running. Now i think about a 240gb version.

In my opinion sandisk made that firmware fix only for the first "etreme" because they had exactly that bad SF2281 controller built in, see

diablote´s tests with ultraII and plus from sandisk seem to be the best solution for me - the have marvell controllers both!?

On crucial side, someone tested a MX 200?

but exactly the 250 version is bad?

In conclusion i´m glad NOT to go for a samsung evo - like most experts on new hardware opting......;-)

I stay @ sandisk, hey just found that the ssd plus has exactly the same controller like the bx 100

sorry is in german....