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Digitiser freezes after screen replacement - tried multiple screens an


Hey iFixit family,

I appreciate you taking time to answer my below question...

I purchased an iPhone 6 to repair with a cracked screen and the seller let me know it freezes very occasionally and I thought this was due to cracked screen.

After replacing the screen I found it was still freezing and a hard rest would normally fix, sometimes not even a hard reset would fix. It would just have to sit there for a while before the touch would start registering.

I restored the software completely from recovery mode so I feel this can be ruled out. I have now tried two other screens which are confirmed working on other phones and they all don't work. One was even a genuine screen of an iCloud locked phone. Now it is rare that the digitiser even works at all with the current fitted screen.

I have a feeling it is a problem with the motherboard and maybe the digitiser connector, does this make sense ? I am always very careful when connecting and disconnecting so I am not sure why this has happened.

Just wondering if there is anything else I can do before I try getting a replacement from apple (can't tell I replaced the screen).

I appreciate your help with this and if I have left anything out please let me know!




iPhone 6