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Original post by: Eric ,


I had a similar issue with this during the first release of the PS4. After trying numerous things, it turned out that my COOLING FAN in the back had fried out and because my PS4 was on for so long, it ended up shorting the cooling fan and over heating the mother board of the PS4. I was forced to do a Manufacturing Warranty on it. Try holding the power button until you hear the 2 beeps like explained above, if that doesn't work, try placing the PS4 into your freezer for 5-10 minutes to cool the system down and then plug it back in and attempt a start up to see. Do not leave the device in the freezer for anything longer than 10 minutes. After it is removed from the freezer, wait approximately 4 minutes to warm up within room temperature and then try starting it up. (do not plug the device in until its warmed up a bit within room temp.)