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Mensagem original de: Derek Shue ,


Faulty Battery? Apple logo keeps looping ONLY on replacement battery


So the other day I tried to fix my iPhone with the iFixit battery, and not only did some wierd striped lines show up, the iPhone itself would not turn on, instead it would constantly loop through the apple logo and would not restore when  I tried it through DFU mode.

Then I put my old battery back in and voila, everything works well (except the battery percent doesnt change, oh well, better than not working at all.)  Anyways, this leads me to believe that the iFixit battery is clearly faulty, since it is not a mistake on my part as I replaced it the exact same way as my original battery, and it did not work.

Is there something that I'm missing when I replace the battery? Or do i just have a faulty replacement battery?


iPhone 5