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Mensagem original de: grindfi ,


so i ended up just trying it out, i stripped some pins from an even older broken gpu (it was pretty much worthless..) and soldered it onto my videocard/gpu, then i found a xfx vga 12 pin adapter and put it on, but unfortunatly, it didnt work.. so because i didnt have a adapter or converter, i looked at my pc one more time, and looked at the vga connector on my motherboard, plugged it in, but it didnt work, so i researched it a bit and found out, that you can go into the bios, and go to graphics settings, and put the order in wich the pc finds the videocard to first find the gpi (integrated gpu) so it will find the vga on the motherboard, and then the videocard, i plugged it in, and it worked!! succes!, i want to thank you guys for the help, and i hope somone else also finds this to be usefull! []