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Mensagem original de: Sam Contos ,


well, I actually just fixed mine, but it is an ipad air , not quite sure if it is the same for ipad 2nd Gen. On there is a seller who has aftermarket ipad aluminum shells, all models, just pick yours, and there are many sellers on who carry aftermarket screen replacements. Again, just pick your specific model.  The difficulty comes with ,  Very carefully dis-assembling and taking note of the parts and screws, removing all debris, glass, dust , grease, fingerprints, what have you, then more carefully then before, reassembling your ipad with the replacement parts, sealing the screen back in, is by far the hardest part of this entire assembly.

if the grounding wires for the touchscreen are not properly placed and shielded as they were before you took this thing apart (take notes of what you're doing!) your ipad will gain a mind of it's own and stop responding to your touch-commands, literally the screen cannot understand your motions if it is not properly grounded and resealed to the aluminum case. honestly, if you're clueless right now, buy a new ipad. it's easier. they make them that way on purpose, don't trust any of your buddies that say they can do it, you will notice issues down the road with your ipad. if you KNOW you can fix it, then by all means go on and look up your parts and do your homework, if you have even a slight doubt, buy another ipad. Buy a used one if you have to. I'm just trying to help you all out.